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Why Dr. Erick Lauber and Betsy Lauber? (Yes, they are married!)

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Dr. Erick Lauber is a Ph.D. applied psychologist and faculty at IUP.  Currently he is the Director of Community Health and Leadership at the Mid-Atlantic Training and Research Institute (MARTI).  Recently, he wrote the original proposal and course descriptions for the Leadership Studies Minor at IUP.  He has taught the “Foundations of Leadership” course. He developed the IUP Leadership Academy conducted in partnership with the Center for Student Life, and is the volunteer director of the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center in downtown Indiana (PA). Through his work at MARTI, he has published over a dozen articles on leadership and management in national magazines and journals, and recently published “Don’t Break the Rope!  A Parable About Collaboration, Communication and Teamwork in the Workplace” (available on Amazon). He has won both regional and national leadership awards and his production teams have won over two dozen national awards for excellence.

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Betsy Lauber is the Executive Director of the Foundation for IUP. She has conducted board trainings and leadership workshops on and off IUP’s campus for several years. Previously she was the COO of a mid-sized company, the Downtown Indiana Executive Director, a small business owner, and a statistician with the Ohio Department of Mental Health. Betsy has been a board member for a number of non-profits and volunteered with several community organizations.


“I enjoyed my experience in the Indiana County Leadership class and found viewing and assessing organizations and the individuals within them to be very constructive. The instructor is a knowledgeable and accomplished speaker and had a very open class room
dynamic that was conducive to conversations that centered around real life experiences, particularly those his current pupils are being challenged by. The off-site visits and especially the guest speakers were an excellent addition to the classroom instruction.  They further helped to broaden our horizons. I would urge anyone in a leadership role, or who could soon find themselves in a
leadership role, to give this class serious consideration.”

– Luke Shively, Sales Manager at McNaughton Moving & Storage

“The Leadership Indiana County course was a great experience that I was glad to be a part of.  Dr. Lauber presented a balanced class with academic materials, a hands-on class project, and discussions with community leaders. The class offered me a chance to step back from a narrow focus on day-to-day work and think about my community and career from a different perspective. Leadership Indiana County is a great opportunity for professionals in the community and an asset to the County.”

– Chris Buell, Attorney at Bonya Gazza and DeGory, LLP

“This program is outstanding and high quality.  The various components included not only class lecture by an exceptional leader, Dr. Erick Lauber, but also well known community leaders as guest speakers, an opportunity to do a class project that was applicable to a current need in our community, and a visit to one of the county’s largest employers.  There were many in-class exercises that I found beneficial, such as the Strength Finder Survey, learning about vision, writing a paper on ‘This I Believe’, just to name a few.  I highly recommend this program to a leader who wants to improve their skills or one who desires to become a leader.”

– Jackie Greene, Pastor at Gap Ministry (Celebrate Recovery)

“The program exposed me to some of the county’s most accomplished leaders, educated me on many of the county’s existing programs, and revealed different ways to communicate and think as a leader. It equipped me with new leadership tools and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to better understand successful leadership, hone their leadership skills, and gain a greater appreciation for Indiana County.”
– Michael Moyer, Chief Operating Officer, Environmental Service Laboratories

“If you are in a leader at work, in the community, a board member, or someone who would like to obtain one of those positions in the future, the Leadership Indiana Program will help you achieve your best leadership self.  With Dr. Lauber’s guidance, you will take a step back and visit (or revisit) your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to use both to their fullest potential. He maintains a relaxed and casual environment, invites relevant and knowledgeable guest speakers and, with a community service project, provides the opportunity for the class to put leadership into action.  I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to devote a little time to honing their leadership skills, while providing a helping hand to their community.”
     – Jessica Houser, General Manager, WGM Gas Company, Inc.

“The Leadership Indiana County program helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and become not only a better leader but also a better person.”
Anngela Chapman, Vice President of Operations, Environmental Service Laboratories

“In 2008 I graduated from a comparable leadership program.  The program provided many benefits to me both personally and professionally, including:

  • Networking opportunities among like-minded professional peers, some of whom have become lifelong friends.
  • Development of leadership skills that have translated into real, measurable success at work and in the community, including Communication, Teamwork, Adaptability, Project Management, Ethics, Problem Solving, Coaching, Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, and Entrepreneurialism.
  • An understanding of intricate workplace dynamics, personality types and how to effectively lead within these environments.  Identifying my own personality type and leadership style also created a self awareness which has made me a more effective leader
  • A greater appreciation for and understanding of the community in which I work, live and play.

Based on my experience I strongly recommend participation in a leadership program to both emerging leaders and seasoned managers.  My employer saw the benefit in such a program as well, and the investment in my personal growth and professional development will pay dividends in the future.”
Scott Valazak, CNB Bank, Indiana, PA

“The feedback I received from our members was overwhelmingly positive. The sessions were creative and interactive. Dr. Lauber connected with the audience at a very personal level. Everyone I spoke to after the meeting found the presentations both entertaining and helpful.”
Dana M. Pless, CFO, SAE Intl. President, Pitt. Soc. of Assoc. Executives

“Your session has given me insight into managing my talents as a leader and team member. It has also helped me understand how important I am to developing my career path.”
     – Nicholas Stratigos, CFO, CAE.  Printing Industries of America